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Getting started on the hardware

Building of the IR hardware for SimpleRemote should be easy even if you have no experience or knowledge in electronics. You will need to purchase two components, which are common and easy to get, and solder them. It is quick, simple and - as far as we know - foolproof.

For easy, step-by-step instructions on how to build the circuit, go to the how to build page.

DISCLAIMER To the knowledge of the project creators and maintainers, and to the extend of our experience with many satisfied users over the world, there is no risk in building this circuit, either to you or to your computer hardware, as long as you follow the instructions. However, this is a community project, and all the knowledge published here is being published by volunteering individuals who are not, and can not be liable for any such damage, should it occur. So if you are expecting any kind of guarantees, this is probably not the product you should use.

How does it work

If you are into hacking things, knowing how everything works, taking everything apart - you may would want to know, what is the hack behind SimpleRemote.

You'd find most relevant documentation in the how it works page. You would need deeper background in order to understand this; hopefully not much more than basic understanding of electronics (highschool physics is probably enough). If you have more questions, post them in the discussion forums.

Where can I learn more

Go to the other sites page for a list of sites that can give you more information, mostly from individuals who are experts in the relevant fields (and, unlike the creators of this project, generally know what they are talking about...)
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