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The free PC-IR remote control
  • Control any IR device from your PC
  • Ultra-simple circuit, anyone can build
What is SimpleRemote?

SimpleRemote is a combination of a circuit and software, used to emulate IR remote controls by a PC. The difference between SimpleRemote and other PC-IR remote control projects is the simplicity of its circuit.

Other PC-IR projects use a relatively-complex circuit, and simple software to control it.
SimpleRemote uses a more complex software, and an ultra-simple circuit.
That's why the SimpleRemote circuit is so simple to build.

What can I do with SimpleRemote?

Because it enables you to emulate IR remote controls, you can use it to:
  • Control your stereo/TV/VCR/any other device as if it were a universal remote.
  • Control IR-devices (VCR, DVD...) with home-automation scripts (e.g., dim lights + play DVD)
  • Title your MDs automatically
  • Have your PVR software change channels on your cable/satellite box
  • Many other possiblities...
SimpleRemote hardware circuit currnetly exists only for serial (RS-232) communications port.
API is available in C/C++ (Windows/Linux), as a DLL (Windows), as VB module (Windows), and as a Java package (Windows/Linux).

Where do I begin?

  • If you want to build the circuit, go to the Hardware page.
  • To download software for SimpleRemote, go to the IR Projects page.
  • If you already built the SimpleRemote hardware and downloaded the software, and you need remote codes for your remote control, go to Remotes page.
  • To program IR applications using the SimpleRemote toolkit, go to the SDK page.
  • Read the discussions and post your questions and comments at the Forums.

Copyright 2004-2018 by SimpleRemote Project. (project page)
SimpleRemote is free and open-source under the GPL.
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